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Overcome Your Greatest Business Challenge. Then Make It Your Advantage!

Who Am I?

After a very successful career in corporate life, I had taken all of my learnings and experience to build up my own business. Overcoming various challenges, I was able to pursue two of my deepest passions – to facilitate a meaningful difference for business owners and leaders, and provide for my family. Then one day, I woke up in hospital. I was missing all memory of the preceding weeks. It would be many months before I could return to work. By that time, I HAD no business. Everything I had built up, over so long a time, was all gone – seemingly, in an instant.

I decided to tap into my own knowledge base. My expertise had been assisting business owners who were in exactly the same circumstances as I now found myself. I set about to action my own advice. And I began to experience the true power of growth through adversity.

Today, I coach exactly this process, supported with the latest research in the sciences, and across the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership. The best part is that every one of my clients is able to make breakthroughs – as it uniquely applies to them.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

“Success Coach for Small and Medium Business Enterprises”, focusing (but not limited to) the demographic of those over 40 who have been derailed by significant challenges.
Module One

Circuit Breaker


Control of the immediate threat. Clarity of mind and readiness of body for the journey ahead.


You need to “make safe”. No-one can make healthy business decisions while under duress. And in ways you won’t yet fully understand, down-regulating those unhelpful neurochemicals and maximizing access to your wisdom and experience will allow you to boost your resilience and remove distraction from your efforts to overcome your challenges.
Module Two

Purpose of the Trip


Often the cause of many business derailments, we will ensure you have clarity of Purpose.
Define your business values, your mission statement, and your aspirational vision.


You can’t prepare for any journey without fully understanding its purpose. By the end of this module, you will be reconnected with your clear business purpose, and will have fully aligned your values, mission and aspirations to make you an unstoppable force.
Module Three

Evaluate the Driver


Identify your transferable skills, opportunities to both up-skill and cross-skill and discover other valuable personal resources and limitations.


Before you start the drive, you need to ensure you have all the right skills, knowledge and mindset to succeed in the journey. This module will ensure you are at your peak in these areas, in order to ‘drive’ your business to the very top.
Module Four

Prepare Your Vehicle


Identify the skill sets of the other people your business relies upon, and any opportunities to up-skill and cross-skill them. Identify opportunities to improve your internal and external business environment. Develop methods to embed your competitive advantage.


Your Business is the vehicle that will take you where you want to go. This is the means to get you to your destination. Like every top professional, we will make sure your vehicle is capable of not just completing the journey, but completing it on time, within budget, and delivering all of the intended benefits. Together, we will tune your Business so it’s ready to do that…. And more!
Module Five

Plan the Journey


Identify the tactical (short-term) goals and objectives that will deliver your desired outcome. Ensure these goals align with the strategic imperatives of your values, mission and vision.


With everything now fully primed for success, the only job left is to plan the journey – taking full advantage of your unique skills as the driver, and tailored to take full advantage of your unique business advantage!

Plot the journey that maximizes your unique context!

Module Six

Start the Journey


Execute your plan. Adapt it to reflect changing circumstances and take advantage of new opportunities.


It is only here, after all of your hard preparations, do you execute your fully-tailored plans. With a driver at the top of their form, in a vehicle fully tuned and perfectly balanced for the journey ahead. And because you are so prepared, you will be able to adapt your plan to reflect changing circumstances, and take full advantage of any new opportunities that present themselves.
Module Seven

Arrive at Your Destination


Reflect on and record what worked, what could have been done better, and what did not work. Update your competitive advantages. Embed this new knowledge into your business and be ready to plan your next journey, using all the skills and knowledge you have gained.


You have arrived. You have succeeded! You now know what worked well, what could have been done better, and what did not work at all!

At this point, you can build your own unique play book for your next journey… you will take all the learnings from this journey, and lock them down as your blueprint, using all the skills and knowledge you have gained!

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